Our Story

TheShapeShop began when Patti Manuel Go's quest for flattering, stylish, and affordable activewear proved to be difficult and often fruitless. For this reason, she started experimenting with different silhouettes, cuts, and color block combinations, to come up with designs that would enhance and flatter different body types.


TheShapeShop's product lines have generated the warmest of receptions and a consistently strong demand. She had long wanted to expand their offerings to younger customers and was very happy when she met the perfect person to do that with, Ella Laxa Pangilinan. Their collaboration has led to the creation of Sola by TheShapeShop, a new line for young women that is fashion forward, body conscious, and always in good taste.


Together with business partner Pinky Yee, their passion for purposeful innovation, and a shared aesthetic that always has TheShapeShop customer's best possible fit and appearance in mind, continues to drive their design and production values.

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